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Eco-Campus is an international award program that provides a framework to guide higher education institutions on their sustainable journey and model sustainability as an integral part of campus life and learning involving staff, teachers and the student body as well as the broader community. In Ghana the program is run by CeST as national operator but owned by Foundation for Environmental Education whose educational programmes, including Eco-Campus, are currently empowering students in over 77 countries to lead for sustainability and to develop responsible attitudes towards the environment, culture and society and create value for the wider community.

The Eco-Campus program encourages higher education institutions to assess their environmental performance and implement a plan for continuous improvement. This can involve a range of activities and initiatives, such as improving waste management, reducing energy and water consumption and promoting the use of sustainable transport. Best practice includes both student driven activities and projects and theory integrated in the curricula.

The goal of Eco-Campus is to create a culture for sustainability in-terms of theoretical and practical learning.