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Eco-Schools Advancing Circular Economy in Ghana. Read about how our team has implemented this global program in our local Eco-Schools.

  •  14.11.2023 10:48 AM

The role of Cities in shaping a Sustainable future.

  •  27.10.2023 04:26 PM

First-ever GoTo Sustainability Fair at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly.

  •  06.10.2023 12:56 PM

What happens when negative attitudes towards the environment intertwine with improper waste management? This is one of the most common challenges facing the Ghanaian community in the fight for a clean environment.

  •  15.08.2023 10:34 AM

A Rocha Ghana, a non-governmental organization dedicated to conservation and sustainable development, has announced a two-day peaceful picketing event to oppose the new L.I.2462 Environmental Protection Regulations that was discreetly passed in November 2022, by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Government of Ghana, to allow mining in forest reserves.

  •  26.07.2023 08:00 AM

With its unwavering commitment to green and affordable transportation, Solar Taxi has emerged as a driving force in Ghana's transition to electric vehicles (EVs). By harnessing the power of electricity and embracing innovations from the shared economy, Solar Taxi is rewriting the rules of mobility while reducing carbon emissions and reshaping the transport landscape in the nation.

  •  07.07.2023 03:31 PM

Overflowing consequences: Examining the intersection of inadequate waste disposal and Accra's flooding woes.

  •  03.07.2023 04:02 PM

Flood disasters are among the world’s most frequent and damaging types of disasters, and major cities in Ghana including the capital, are no stranger to the devastating impacts of flooding. Flood kills, wreaks havoc and costs billions. Are we adequately prepared for the rains this year?

  •  26.06.2023 12:09 PM

Multiple factors contribute to the irregular rain patterns witnessed in Ghana. Climate change, resulting from human activities such as deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, and the burning of fossil fuels, tops the list. The warming of the Earth's atmosphere disrupts weather patterns and leads to unpredictable rainfall.

  •  19.06.2023 02:10 PM

World Environment Day was celebrated on June 5th with the theme for 2023 being "solutions to beat plastic pollution". By harnessing the power of collaboration and embracing innovative solutions, Ghana has the opportunity to become a shining example of a nation that defeats plastic pollution.

  •  12.06.2023 05:53 PM

Join YRE and A Rocha KNUST for a fun and insightful workshop on Environmental Journalism and Reporting!

  •  19.05.2023 03:53 PM