In a bid to combat the escalating problem of beach pollution, students from St. John Bosco  and Accra Technical Training Training Center (ATTC) have, through the Plastic-Free School Pilot, taken the initiative to lead a remarkable beach clean-up exercise. It also served as the climax of St. John Boscos’ Plastic-Free Week, an initiative organized as part of the Plastic-Free Schools Pilot.

The clean up was facilitated by CeST and Eco -Schools Ghana with support from Tema Municipal Assembly, under the auspices of the Municipal Environmental Health Officer. Under the guidance of their teachers, the students organised a collaborative effort to clean up Mighty beach in Tema- Ghana. Armed with gloves, trash bags, and a shared sense of responsibility, they set out to remove the accumulated waste that had tarnished the shoreline.The students' passion for environmental protection was evident as they diligently combed through the sand, meticulously picking up litter and sorting it for proper disposal. Plastic bottles, wrappers, and other non-biodegradable items were collected in large quantities and taken to a waiting Zoomlion waste collection truck, showcasing the extent of the pollution problem.

Photo: YRE Ghana, Seth Berempong Ansong// Students from St. John Bosco cleaning the Beach

The exercise not only focused on cleaning up the beach but also emphasized the importance of waste management and proper waste disposal practices. The enthusiasm and dedication of the students were contagious, as they worked in teams, scouring the sand and removing litter from the water's edge. The sheer volume of waste collected during the clean-up served as a stark reminder of the magnitude of the problem. However, the collective efforts of the participants showcased the power of community action in addressing environmental challenges.

Photo: YRE Ghana, Seth Berempong Ansong // Students enjoying a Plastic-Free lunch - Waakye served in leaves.

As the students continue their beach clean-up endeavors, they serve as inspiring role models for others to follow. Their commitment to preserving the beauty of Ghana's beaches and marine ecosystems sets a precedent for future generations to prioritize environmental conservation and the minimization of plastic pollution Through their dedicated efforts, these students are shaping a cleaner and more sustainable future for Ghana's coastal regions.