12 May

Written by: Nhyira Konadu- Amankwah (8yrs)

There are a lot of things that cause pollution in the Environment. They are bush burning, smoke from factories and disposal. In Ghana one of the most common things that causes pollution in our cities and towns is coconut husk. Coconut husk and shells are dumped in gutters, streets, marketplaces and many other places.

To keep the environment clean of coconut husk and shells. I research into uses of coconut husk and shells. I visited coconut sellers at Nnudu, Aboasa, Accra and Akosombo. 

In my research, I found out that there are many uses for coconut husk and shells in Ghana . Some of which are:

  •  Some companies in Ghana are also using the coconut husk to produce mosquito coil.
  •  Other companies are also using coconut shells to produce charcoal.
  • The Akosombo textile limited (ATL) is using coconut husk and shell to power their machines to produce textiles. They are no longer using diesel (RFO).

The next step now should be linking some of the coconut sellers in Accra to Akosombo Textiles so that they can pick the husk to clean Ghana more of coconut husk pollution.

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