07 Jul

Written By: Emmanuel Akumun, Young Reporters for the Environment - Ghana

With its unwavering commitment to green and affordable transportation, Solar Taxi has emerged as a driving force in Ghana's transition to electric vehicles (EVs). By harnessing the power of electricity and embracing innovations from the shared economy, Solar Taxi is rewriting the rules of mobility while reducing carbon emissions and reshaping the transport landscape in the nation.

Ghana’s growing population and increasing urbanization, has increased the demand for transportation , and as a result, the emissions from the transportation sector are also on the rise. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the transport sector contributes 23% of energy related CO2 emissions and is the fastest growing sector in terms of greenhouse gasses (GHG) emissions in the country and is also associated with significant environmental and health concerns including atmospheric pollution and climate change. To address this challenge, Ghana needs to adopt e-mobility to reduce its carbon footprint and achieve net-zero emissions and Solar Taxi is rising up to the challenge.

On a mission to accelerate Ghana towards green and affordable transportation services, Solar Taxi is spearheading a transportation revolution, challenging conventional fuel combustion vehicles and paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future.  With a visionary zeal, the company understands that the key to achieving this lies in leveraging renewable energy and embracing the latest advancements in the shared economy. By doing so, Solar Taxi aims to revolutionize the way Ghanaians commute and transport goods, ultimately reducing the environmental impact and the cost of transportation services for individuals and businesses across the nation.

In Ghana, there has been a slow but steady increase in the number of EVs on the roads. According to Mr. Kofi Agyarko, Director of Renewable and Energy Efficiency at the Energy Commission (EC) during the launch of the first public charging forum, about 1,000 electric vehicles were currently operating in Ghana and ten charging stations had been set up in the country. He added that, ….“for the numbers we have in private homes, we do not have the data, but it is to signify that E-mobility has come to stay, and no one can stop it. Globally, we are all moving towards a definite direction and Ghana cannot afford to be left behind”.

The Center for Sustainable Transformation’s Young Reporters for the Environment Ghana recently visited Solar Taxi’s corporate headquarters and assembly facility for a sit-down and tour. Here is how we found Solar Taxi to be achieving her mission:

Driving Change - Electric Cars and Bicycles

At the forefront of Solar Taxi's groundbreaking initiatives are their electric cars, which are both available for purchase and rental. With an impressive range of utility, coupes, sedans, and pickup vehicles starting from GHS 500,000, 300,000, 400,000 and 710,000 respectively, Solar Taxi offers Ghanaians a diverse selection of affordable electric vehicles. By matching the prices of conventional fossil fuel combustion vehicles, Solar Taxi is making the transition to electric mobility accessible to everyone. These electric cars not only deliver clean and silent drives but also preserve the natural world for generations to come. Moreover, Recognizing the need for sustainable mobility solutions beyond cars, Solar Taxi has also ventured into electric bikes. Designed with simplicity and versatility in mind, these electric motorbikes are suitable for both commercial and personal use. Whether it's courier services, performance racing, or leisurely rides, Solar Taxi's electric bikes provide a clean and efficient alternative, revolutionizing two-wheeled transportation in Ghana.

Solar Taxi Deliver Green Transportation on Demand

Solar Taxi's commitment to sustainable transport extends beyond personal mobility. Through SolarTaxi Deliver, a cutting-edge B2B and B2C courier service, the company aims to streamline the delivery process for various goods. From food and clothes to electronics and packages, Solar Taxi offers a cost-effective, secure, reliable, and stress-free delivery solution. By integrating this service into existing customer software infrastructure, Solar Taxi ensures seamless operations while further reducing carbon emissions associated with traditional delivery methods.The company is also committed to Revolutionizing Ghanas Ride-Hailing sector. By exclusively utilizing electric vehicles for their services, Solar Taxis innovative EV ride-hailing platform provides commuters with a clean and quiet commute experience. This ride-hailing platform not only offers convenience and reliability but also aligns perfectly with Solar Taxi's vision of clean and green transportation for all.

Battery Development: Powering Africa's EV Revolution To meet the growing power needs of EV users in Ghana, Africa and beyond, Solar Taxi is actively involved in the indigenization of lithium-ion battery pack engineering and production. Through their extensive research and development efforts, Solar Taxi aims to not only provide reliable and efficient energy storage solutions but also bolster the continent's electric mobility ecosystem, paving the way for sustainable transportation networks.

Bike Conversions: Electrifying the Familiar

Solar Taxi's commitment to sustainable mobility goes beyond manufacturing new vehicles. By electrifying existing bikes, Solar Taxi caters to the preferences of avid cyclists who want to embrace electric power without sacrificing their beloved bikes. Through bike conversions, Solar Taxi ensures that the transition to electric transportation is accessible and convenient for all, further propelling Ghana in the direction of a circular economy.

With the Vice President of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s recent disclosure that a Ghanaian company is set to build an electric vehicle assembling plant in the country, Solar Taxi's current impact on Ghana's transportation landscape is noteworthy and nothing short of transformative. With a firm focus on green and affordable transportation services, the company is spearheading the shift from conventional fuel combustion vehicles to electric mobility. By promoting the adoption of EVs and other forms of e-mobility and investing in the necessary infrastructure, Ghana can achieve net-zero emissions and contribute to the global fight against climate change.

By leveraging solar energy, embracing the shared economy, and pioneering innovative solutions across electric cars, bikes, courier services, ride-hailing, battery development, and bike conversions, Solar Taxi is leading the charge towards a sustainable and prosperous future for Ghana. As the company continues to make strides in its vision to become the largest EV company in Africa, Solar Taxi serves as an inspiring example of how passion, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability can revolutionize an entire industry and shape a brighter future for generations to come.

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