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  •  17.04.2023 02:16 PM

Have you heard about Mognori Eco-Village? For those of us living in Accra or other big Cities, the name Mognori might be foreign, but the village of Mognori is a vibrant community whose work with environmental conservation is of great importance to the protection of Wildlife and the environment in Ghana.

  •  17.02.2023 12:00 PM

YRE National Competition 2023 is now open for entries! Are you between 11-25, interested in the environment and the SDGs and have a compelling story, photo or video that highlights environmental issues? This is your opportunity to get your work featured on an international platform! Deadline: 06 April 2023.

  •  10.02.2023 12:02 PM

With continuous demand for land, wood for charcoal and other furniture works, mineral extraction and agriculture, deforestation remains at its peak. The forests cover over 30% of the Earth’s land surface, according to the World Wildlife Fund(WWF). On the other hand, in the last 25 years, the world’s forests shrank by 1.3 million square kilometers which means that since 1990 the world has lost more forest area than the size of South Africa. This is even more devastating in the tropics where almost half of the forests are left.

  •  13.01.2023 12:03 PM

Statement from Asamoah Francis Boafo on the importance of the COP15.

  •  13.12.2022 11:56 AM

Electric Vehicles(EVs) are key to cutting CO2 emissions and a growing fleet of EVs is crucial to achieving one of the key resolutions at the just concluded COP 27, namely, boosting "low-emissions energy". Take a closer look at some of the current EV solutions offered in Ghana, specifically designed with the Ghanaian context in mind.

  •  01.12.2022 02:02 PM