18 May

Jury Remarks

Entries for the YRE National Competition on Environmental Journalism came to an end on 30th April 2023. This was followed by a jury meeting on 11th May 2023 with the sole purpose of selecting winners for the respective categories. This year's jury consisted of members from the media industry, academics, and a professional photographer. 

After careful consideration, the Jury was able to make their selection of winners of the National Competition, which will go on to represent Ghana in the International YRE Competition. Below are the remarks of the jury regarding the selected winners for the respective categories.


Age Category 11-14

Winner: Nissi Charis Wiafe-Asante. 

The jury remarked Nissi’s article, “POLLUTION IN KPONG: THE DANGERS OF INDISCRIMINATE WASTE ON THE WATER BODY AND ITS INHABITANTS”, as well structured (Intro, body and conclusion) and highlighted how it captures the real situation on the grounds regarding the Kpong river. The article also gives a background to the problem of pollution, the consequences of it, as well as possible solutions with the added photographs  giving a vivid picture of the state of the Kpong river.

Age Category 15-18

Winner: Naa Omanye Annang. 

According to the jury, this article “PLASTIC POLLUTION, CONTRIBUTING TO GHANA'S ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION” throws light on the plastic problem in Ghana including causes, effects and solutions while adding a call to action of how various stakeholders can play a part in combatting the plastic waste problem in the country.

Age Category 19-25

Winner: Esther Eyram Kportimah 

The jury commended the article “THE EFFECT OF IMPROPER SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT AT THE HOUSEHOLD LEVEL;A DANGER TO THE ENVIRONMENT.” as it gives an in-depth overview about the improper management of solid waste in the lower west Akim municipality. Furthermore, the jury acknowledged the use of quoted sources as well as facts to buttress points that were made in the article and linking it to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each point including paragraphs flowed into each other grabbing the reader's attention. Also, pictures that were added to the articles gives a clearer picture of what the reporter sought to put across as well as solutions to the solid waste problem.

Special Acknowledgement

Article Writing

First Runner Up: Nhyira Konadu 

The jury credited Nhira Konadu-Amankwah for his effort in putting together his article, "HOW SOME POLLUTANTS CAN BE USEFUL", despite his young age as an 8th year old, grade 4 student. According to the jury, it’s commendable for a grade 4 student to find an angle that seeks to create awareness on coconut husk as one of the contributing factors to  pollution and as well roll out various ways that coconut husk are being used for other products.

Photography Category

Environmental Campaign Photo

Winner: Maame Abena Tima Brakoh

The jury selected this photo as it captures students creating awareness on plastic pollution. This photo of the world map being lifted from plastic waste inspires positive collaborative efforts to save the world from plastic pollution.

Single Reportage Photo

Winner: Nissi Charis Asante Wiafe

Based on the purpose of the single reportage photo, the jury decided on this photo of the Kpong River. Their reason was the fact that this photo shows the current state of the Kpong River with the photo itself telling a story of the incessant pollution of the river.

Center for Sustainable Transformation - CeST and YRE Ghana extend our warmest congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone who participated in the 2023 edition of the YRE Competition. 

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